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Luxury Tours and Events is the brainchild of Tameka Manns, wife of Carlos Manns and mother of two children, Nydia and Nygil. More importantly, as the mother of a special needs child (Nygil), she has experienced firsthand the many challenges that can arise during family travel.

“My husband and I have seen it all and there is nothing more disheartening and disappointing than to have a highly anticipated trip turn into a disaster. We work hard during the year, so when we pause to catch a breather during vacation time, we rightfully expect things to go without a glitch.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case,” states Tameka Manns. One such travel mishap occurred when she and her family found themselves standing in the pouring rain as they waited on a specially equipped bus to transport them back to the hotel from a travel site. After three failed attempts of the transportation company sending the wrong type of transportation, the entire family ended up getting completely soaked. Tameka remembers, “I refused to leave my husband and son, but as we continued to wait, the bad situation only got worse.

This was only one such instance. Nevertheless, having experienced such frustrations prompted Tameka to channel the countless lessons learned into a thriving business enterprise that is committed to assuring that every family of special needs children is properly equipped to have the most fulfilling travel experiences possible. Tameka also incorporates her experience in special events planning into her business, making it the company of choice for the very best in luxury travel and special events. Request quote by clicking here.

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It is the mission of Luxury Tours and Events to provide luxurious, carefully planned, exciting and memorable travel experiences and special events. We are especially committed to assuring that families with special needs children are served with seamless travel experiences of a lifetime.