Planning Destination Weddings: The 5 Most Common Mistakes

Planning Destination Weddings: The 5 Most Common Mistakes


Planning Destination Weddings: The 5 Most Common Mistakes

The big day is approaching, another one bites the dust! More than anything else, you want the day you say ‘I do’ to be the single most memorable day in your life. If you’re planning a destination wedding, the pressure mounts tenfold because the possible outcomes are split squarely between a dream wedding and a tourist nightmare. If you’re planning a destination wedding, here are the most common mistakes to veer clear of:

Scouting your Destination

Having your wedding in a place you’ve never seen before. Pictures in brochures and on travel guides only tell half the story. It’s always a good idea to do a bit of a scouting trip into your target destination. Familiarize yourself with the good, the bad and the ugly so that you enjoy your big day in a place whose quirks you can overlook.

What weather climate are you seeking

Holding your wedding ceremony at the wrong time of the year. The hot and the cold are fairly predictable on your calendar, but the wet and the dry are far less compliant. Even more non-compliant are the storm seasons. Slot your big day in a wise time of the year.

Therefore, I strongly suggest you hire a Wedding Planner

Making arrangements in the 11th hour. If you think highly of this destination, chances are, many people feel the same way too. Make bookings and reservations in good time and send out invitations way ahead of time so your guests can fully prepare. If you are prone to procrastination, a wedding planner may save you the stress of working last minute.

Save yourself the headache

Working without backup plans. Not to quote Murphy’s law, but things can go horrendously wrong. In addition to your wedding venue, research emergency centers, the American embassy and include possible emergencies in your budget.

Most importantly are you legally married

Flying blind on marriage laws in your destination country. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in a different country, meet all the legal requirements regarding obtaining a marriage certificate and hosting recognized officials. The last thing you want to be when you return is single!