The Ultimate Guide to planing the Perfect Family adventure

The Ultimate Guide to planing the Perfect Family adventure

A family reunion that is well organized and for a perfect destination is a gratifying experience you could provide your whole family. To perfectly organize a weekend getaway for your extended clan seems like a hard task but it is not. All you need is to be smart, take your time and use the digital resources that are at your disposal and you will make a delightful reunion party. Here is a complete ultimate guide to help you plan the perfect family reunion party. 


Nine months in advance is enough time to start the conversation and start doing the planning. Bring your thoughts to your extended family leaders who make the big decisions. Talk to them at other family meets like Thanksgiving. Tameka Manns, a family-travel expert that advises on planning early if you are dealing with multiple families. Coordinating multiple families and getting them to be on schedule requires time.  Planning early will set people’s focus and they will keep it in mind ‘Next June is all family get together.’ It also gives you ample time to work on vacation schedules for adults, and sports programs for the teens, etc. You can start planning a year early if your family wants to do ambitious things like a cruise, an overseas trip, or a popular resort. For a casual family affair get-together, Tameka notes that planning just a few months in advance is okay. When it comes to deciding on the destination of your reunion have three final options and include the sample meals, activities, and the estimated cost for considerations and opinions from others.  


This is very important if you really want to do this. You may be the one with the ideas but you don’t have to volunteer to do everything. Delegate some tasks to other family members. Based on the dynamics of your family it may be vital to choose a coordinator for the whole event, a reservation-keeper, person in charge of meals and planning for other activities. A well-organized reunion demands a lot of work and is just like a business. To be successful it requires a staff that will work independently and reports back regularly to the group coordinator.  


Digitally, reservations can all be made online these days. This can, however, bring confusion when it comes to your relatives getting to their reserved flights, hotels, etc. This is because the reservations may not be marked or documented manually on paper. To avoid confusion, use a reliable app like TripIt or use google docs to share and store the important dates, and ticket information. Generally, use headcount to make lodging reservations; buy plane tickets, book activities at your destination. Do all this six to nine months prior to the reunion. Double-check your family headcount and re-confirm all your reservations one month prior to travel. Confirm the car rentals one week prior.  


Ski resort Tameka notes that many multigenerational vacationers frequent ski resorts. Although it can be expensive, the good news is there are many non-skiing activities available to enjoy for family members who don’t like to ski or snowboard.  Disney At Disney World, families even with grandparents have been spotted and seem to enjoy. Tameka affirms to this. The parks also offer a wide range of activities, and these activities always merrier and enjoyable every time. Family adventure  Your clan could be the type that likes to climb, explore, hike, and bike. A family adventure is the best for this type. Tameka advises that having escorted tours and excellent lodgings with all details handled perfectly are a good idea. Family Adventure’ package is usually offered by many adventure-travel companies and they aim at multigenerational groups. A favorite choice for many families who like the adventure aspect is Adventures by Disney. All-inclusive resort  Tameka suggests an all-inclusive resort that offers plenty of activities during the day and also has kids programs. Families can choose to do some activities together and then do others separately and re-group again at dinner. All all-inclusive resort caters for everyone whether you are for a party, a fan of fine dining, white-sand beaches or swimming pools. The best thing about it is that it is possible to go for days without using money or even reaching for your wallet.  Beach house  Tameka says that for a perfectly relaxing reunion you can rent a big vacation home, for everyone or a few homes that are close to one another. All you have to remember is that if your reunion is self-catered nobody should be stuck doing all the cooking alone. Delegate this task to a different cook or group every evening for dinner.  Cruise A floating cruise with an all-inclusive resort offering the potential for the family to be together or easily be at separate activities is a suggestion by Tameka. From a planners point of view, a cruise seems like an easy reunion in that it offers ample opportunities for activities that are age-appropriate, has easy seating for meals, photo sessions, and private cocktail parties. There is also a fairly standard discount, for every one of the eight cabins, there will be one free passenger. Not all cruises are all-inclusive most are not so pay attention to any extra costs that can set you back in your budget. 


Personalized souvenirs- You can make it possible for everyone to go home with a family reunion a souvenir that will keep the event alive for some time. Customized T-shirts, tote bag, or baseball caps can be made for each member. Prepare a family tree to know where everyone lies and who is who in the family.  Bring to the party photo albums. They may be analog but they are worth it. Organize them better and digitally for future reference. Book a professional to take a group photo of the beautiful moments. You can choose to make a music video to keep the memories after everything, it is completely worth it and will be a good way to preserve memories and keep the laughter lingering for long.  The kids can be asked to make name tags or place cards for dinner-table. Carry craft paper and crayons for the little ones so they can have their own fun and don’t feel left out. Decorating the tables with their colorful crafts makes the party sentimental.